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Your Partner in Navigating Generational Diversity

Your organization is only one generation away from not having a viable workforce. We can help you bridge the gap.


Some of Our Services

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Behavioral Assessment

Using the Maxwell DISC assessment, we will help your team understand not just WHO they are and who they work with; we will help them know HOW to work with one another.

Generational Appreciation

Help your diverse workforce love WHO they work with and love WHAT they accomplish together by building a healthy ethos of collaboration and appreciation.

Practical Applications

We will provide your team with day 1 solutions that can be implemented to maximize their job, teammates, and your goals.


Don't Hire a Consultant; Bring on a Partner!

The Cost of Losing Top Talent Far Exceeds the Cost of Keeping Them Healthy and Happy

Did you know that replacing an employee can cost up to 30% over base salary and benefits? At 1 Gen Solutions, our priority is:

  • Furthering the mission and vision of your organization 

  • Helping employees know themselves and their teammates

  • Creating vital communication skills in the "New Diversity"

  • Seeing elevated productivity throughout your team

  • Ensuring that you train and retain the best people available

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Let’s Work Together

Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Tel: 432-553-4788

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