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Our Founder

With nearly three decades of experience, Christian Nichles, D.Ed., has successfully led organizations of various sizes, navigating the challenges of highly diverse workforces across different generations. His academic background includes a Doctorate in Human Growth and Development, specifically focusing on emerging generations.

Christian is not just a leader but a gifted speaker, motivator, and cultural architect. His exceptional ability to analyze, comprehend, and engage in diverse environments distinguishes him in a world saturated with conventional and pre-packaged ideas.

Driven by a profound passion for continuous improvement, Christian's mission is to "help people be 1% better each day." He achieves this through his roles as a coach, speaker, and trainer. As a certified member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team, Christian has had the privilege of being mentored and trained in leadership development principles by the renowned personal growth and leadership expert John C. Maxwell. This unique combination of experience, expertise, and a commitment to individual and collective growth positions Christian as a standout figure in the realm of leadership and personal development


The vision for @1GenSolutions is simple: Help all people, regardless of age, be 1% better each day, allowing them to thrive at work, home, and the public square!

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